Giving Kids the Gift of Social Wellness

July is Social Wellness Month, so it seemed an appropriate topic for a guest post on Chelsea’s Blog, published by the Chelsea Foundation:

The Chelsea Foundation's Official Parenting Blog

How to connect emotionally with your children and help them learn prosocial skills during Social Wellness Month! Family psychology writer Gina Stepp discusses the importance of forging and maintaining positive social bonds in children’s lives.

By Gina Stepp,

As parents, we all want our children to lead happy and risk-free lives, right? But what makes the difference between kids who are at risk for mental-health or behavioral problems and those who will manage to hang on to their inner compass through life’s ups and downs?

There are several important skills or “competencies” children need for strong psychological health, but one of the most important of these has to do with their ability to forge and maintain positive social bonds.

This ability requires two almost inseparable characteristics. The first is the ability to regulate distress and negative emotions, which children begin to build from birth. The second is the later-developing…

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    • Gina said:

      Dawn, I wish I could feel as though your comment was sincere. Unfortunately, it comes across as though you tossed out a quick (and not quite grammatically careful) platitude just so you could put in a link to your website. I was going to mark it as “spam,” but I thought it might be more helpful to you if I approved it and then gave you some feedback on how this kind of comment comes across.

      Most bloggers don’t mind if you include a link to your blog as long as what you’re “giving” at the same time that you’re “getting.” This doesn’t quite do it because your comment doesn’t engage in conversation. Much better if you had commented on something in my blog post that related directly to something that you write about on your blog . . . or you could have pointed out a similarity between something I said and something you write about on your webpage. That would at least have given me the impression you really did read my blog post. On a scale of 1-10 for how obvious it was that you’re simply trying to get links, I would say your comment is about a “10” for “slap-in-the-face-obvious.”


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