My name is Gina Stepp and I did my master’s in forensic psychology with an emphasis on trauma and resilience. I’ve written family- and psych-related articles for most of my writing career and along the way have developed an avid interest in the neurobiology of interpersonal relationships.

I find that most people are like me in wanting to satisfy their curiosity about the world and about themselves: How do we become who we are? Why do we do the things we do? Why do relationships go wrong? Why do they go right? Why do all of our little behavioral quirks, biases and idiosyncrasies add up to huge global problems a lot of the time?

If you’re curious about these questions too, follow me on Mom Psych and we’ll dig up the latest psychology and neuroscience research to see whether we can shed light on some of them. But we won’t just read a study and toss it away. We’ll try to connect it to the big picture and make it relevant to all of our family, social and workplace relationships—both online and off.

It’s this attention to context that I hope will make Mom Psych a very different experience from “pop psych.”

Your thoughts?

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